high sierra school of survival courses


2-Day Basic Survival Course

In this course you will learn the most critical survival skills for surviving an outdoor emergency.

This course includes a wilderness survival skills certification, and a nationally recognized wilderness first aid certification.

Day 1-2:

  • Welcome and Introductions
  • Safety Brief/Handout
  • Purpose of This Course
  • Common Causes of Outdoor Emergencies
  • Prevention of Outdoor Emergencies
  • Order of Operations
  • Managing Life-threatening Injuries
  • Managing Exposure
  • Basic Fire Building
  • Shelter Construction
  • Extraction, Signaling
  • Basic Navigation
  • Making Friction Fire
  • Wild Plants, and Water Purification
  • Stick, Litter, Stretcher Carry
  • Cordage, Reverse Wrap Technique



 9AM DAY 1 – 3PM DAY 3

Cost: $300 per person


Our Camp is located near Dog Valley in the Sierra Nevada Mountains

Approximately a 45-minute drive from Reno, our camp is over 80 acres in the Sierra and is surrounded by National Forest Land. We only allow tent camping on the property. No RVs or Trailers. We will have portable restrooms, drinking/cooking water, and an evening fire for cooking. Individual campfires are not allowed but gas cook stoves are permitted.  You will need to bring your own food, we recommend backpack meals or MREs.     

After registering you will receive a confirmation e-mail prior to the course, with attendance information, gear requirements, driving instructions, and more.


* Pocket Knife/Multi-Tool. We recommend a Leatherman Multi-Tool with saw.

* Bushcraft Knife. A Mora Knife, Esee 5, or your favorite Bush Knife

* Tent. Students also have the option to sleep in actual survival shelters they make themselves from the environment. We only use dead and down materials for training. 

* Sleeping Bag. Appropriate for the time of year!

* Water Bottle. We recommend a 40oz. Klean Kanteen Stainless Steel Water Bottle, Single Wall not Insulated.

* Leather Work Gloves

* Day Pack

* Headlamp or Flashlight

* A Camp Chair or something to sit on 

* Food– We recommend Mountain House backpacker meals for main courses as they only require hot water to prepare and have a very large menu to select from. Small backpacker stoves like the “Pocket Rocket”, “Jetboil”, or a Coleman to heat water for meals, coffee, etc. MRE’s are another great option. Granola, protein bars, jerky, fruit, etc., are all great options for snacks or lunches. You will have access to your vehicle in the evening so a cooler is ok. No alcohol please.

*Feel free to bring any favorite survival gear you wish to train with!

We are avid supporters of the 2nd Amendment but please do not bring firearms to class.




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